Our process of building a home

The process begins with your ideas, entwined with FaB’s methods and construction practices, guarantees on time delivery of a home that you are excited to show off. The FaB team will sit down with you to explain the full process from start to finish and maintain constant contact throughout your project.

Energy efficiient builders in Hobart


How we work with you

At FaB Construction, we are always contactable to ensure that you are not left wondering about your project. Working closely with you is more than just building beautiful homes, it is about building friendships and having a happy environment. We make available monthly work schedules for you to track the progression and projection of your home.

How we are different

We build ultra-energy efficient, eco sustainable buildings for the future. These buildings incorporate the latest technology along with ancient building methods, to produce ultra-efficient and healthy homes.

The best energy efficient builders in Hobart Tasmania

The best energy efficient builders in Hobart Tasmania

Providing value to our clients

Where possible, FaB Construction uses all Tasmanian businesses and materials, supporting local jobs and community growth. We currently have ten permanent Tasmanian employees statewide.

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